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The Leaf

The Leaf Villa: Nature, Romance, and Luxury for Your Perfect Honeymoon

For couples seeking the ultimate in luxury and romance, the Leaf at Villa Tokay is an unforgettable honeymoon destination. This breathtaking luxury villa boasts an impressive aerial architecture that is complemented by meticulous attention to detail and a warm, inviting ambiance.

Made primarily of bamboo, the Leaf’s unique shape and organic beauty are a testament to the wonders of nature. With its expansive private garden, filled with enchanting features and charming nooks, the villa provides the perfect setting for a luxurious honeymoon retreat.

Our attentive and friendly staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of service, ensuring that your honeymoon stay is filled with comfort, tranquility, and romance. Take advantage of Tokay’s complimentary bicycles to easily explore the island’s many scenic and secluded spots, creating cherished memories with your beloved in this romantic villa getaway.

Come and experience the magic of the Leaf at Villa Tokay, where every detail is designed to elevate your senses and awaken your passion for a honeymoon of a lifetime.

Experience Comfort and Elegance in The Leaf Villa's Living Area

Nestled amidst lush tropical gardens, this stunning villa features a spacious king-sized bedroom on the first floor, offering the perfect escape from the world. The ground floor boasts a large walk-through bathroom with a refreshing rain shower, while the fabulous architectural arcades of The Leaf overhang an open kitchen next to the sparkling pool, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

The villa’s expansive living room spans across both floors, providing plenty of space for relaxation and entertainment. Upstairs, a cozy net and comfortable sofa offer a tranquil vantage point to soak in the verdant beauty of the garden. Downstairs, a stylish round table is perfectly situated next to the crystal-clear pool, ideal for sharing a meal or a drink with your loved one. Luxurious and comfortable sofas add to the ambiance, creating an atmosphere of endless summer vibes that are sure to put you at ease.

Villa Tokay - The Leaf- Living Room and Pool
Villa Tokay - The Leaf
Villa Tokay - The Leaf - Pool and Architecture
Villa Tokay - The Leaf - Living Room and Bamboo Stairs
Villa Tokay - The Leaf - Bathroom Bamboo Door

Private Outdoor Amenities at The Leaf: Luxury Meets Nature

Indulge in complete privacy and tranquility at the Leaf, where you can take a refreshing dip in the pool any time of day or night, under the starry sky. And for a truly luxurious experience, slip into the copper bathtub in the backyard and unwind as you soak in the soothing warmth of the water, surrounded by the lush tropical garden. As you gaze up at the sparkling stars, you can even take a relaxing flower bath, letting the fragrant petals and essential oils wash away your worries and leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Villa Tokay - The Leaf - Outdoor Bathtub with Flowers
Villa Tokay - The Leaf - Outdoor Shower and Woman
Villa Tokay - Pool and Floating Breakfast
Villa Tokay - The Leaf - Sunbeds and Drinks
Villa Tokay - The Leaf - Woman with Bike in Garden
Villa Tokay - The Leaf - Hammoc

Quick Fact


Gili Air, Indonesia


Massage, Yoga, Snorkeling trips, Diving and much more


2 adults

Private Pool & Large Garden

12 sqm pool & 400 sqm garden


Breakfast served in your private villa


Property fully staffed

Additional Facilities

Complimentary bike provided

Ask our staff for support with transfer or for anything else during your stay